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SC Nutra

Waterfall D-Mannose Powder 50g

Waterfall D-Mannose Powder 50g

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Contains 50 g

Approx. 16 x 3g doses

at £1.43 GBP per serving

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D-Mannose is a rare sugar found naturally in fruit such as cranberries (In minuscule amounts). Pure D-Mannose sourced from birch isn't acidifying like cranberry products and juices.

Waterfall D-Mannose is one of the purest D-Mannose products available, containing no bulking agents, fillers or nasty additives, such as silica - meaning it's safe for the whole family.

Waterfall D-Mannose Powder is the purest D-Mannose Powder available, sourced naturally from birch. Easily mixed with a little water, tea or juice.

Pure D-Mannose, not a blend. Waterfall D-Mannose contains only the finest D-Mannose fermented from Birch with no other ingredients.


  • Pure Birch D-Mannose - Free from bulking agents and fillers.
  • Light fluffy texture, that easily mixes with water.
  • Used long term as a preventative and shorter term for immediate support.
  • Free from all 14 FSA food allergens & ideal for all diets. No food colourings or artificial flavourings. Free from Silica and Sodium. NON GMO.
  • Contains D-Mannose sustainably sourced from birch, using a chemical-free extraction process.
  • Suitable for all ages and genders.

SC Nutra was the first UK company to produce a D-Mannose product in 2002 and has over 20 years expertise in the bladder health care sector and production of the highest quality food supplements, with no bulking agents, fillers or junk.

  • Vegan


Pure D-Mannose naturally sourced from birch.


Immediate Support:
2 - 3g every 2 or 3 hours and once during the night.
Ongoing Support:
2 - 3g once or twice a day.
Other Support:
2 - 3g before and after intimacy, continue on Immediate Support dose for 48 hours.

Measuring Guide: 1g = Half level teaspoon, 2g = Level teaspoon, 3g = Heaped teaspoon.

Will give up to 16 x 3g doses servings, costing from around £1.43 GBP a time.

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