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Soakin Himalayan Flakes 1kg

Soakin Himalayan Flakes 1kg

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Contains 1 kg

10 baths approx.

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100% Pure Natural Salts.

Soakin specialise in sourcing only the highest quality, 100% pure natural salts to ensure the most soothing and relaxing bath-time experience.

The range includes: Dead Sea Salt (Soothe). Epsom Salt (Relax). Himalayan Salt (Detox). Magnesium Flakes (Recover)

  • Vegan


Himalayan Pink Salt


For relaxation and general wellbeing, add 100g-250g to a warm bath and soaker approximately 20 minutes. For a full body detox experience, add 500g-1000g to a warm bath and relax.

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