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Revive Beetroot & Ginger Juice 1L

Revive Beetroot & Ginger Juice 1L

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Contains 1 L

Giving approx. 14 Days

at £1.43 GBP per day

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Cornel’s locally produced, Beetroot & Ginger drink.

"By making Beetroot & Ginger part of your daily health and wellness routine, it could improve circulation and activity performance"

Beetroot is great for athletes and anyone wanting to improve their heart health & circulation. 

Rich in Iron, this juice is good for the heart and blood circulation. It can also boost energy, endurance and digestion. 

Can be taken alongside the popular Turmeric “Magic” Juice for added effect and benefits. 


  • Vegan


Filtered Water
Raw Beetroot (15%)
Raw Ginger root (7.5%)
Ground Black Pepper
Natural Lime Juice


Start with 35ml each morning and evening.

Increase frequency if needed or before physical activity.

One bottle will give up to doses over 14 days, costing from around £1.43 GBP a day.

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