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Osavi Rhodiola Rosea 400mg 60

Osavi Rhodiola Rosea 400mg 60

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Contains 60 capsules

Giving approx. 60 Days

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Food supplement in the form of a hard capsule containing a standardised extract of Rhodiola Rosea root, which has adaptogenic properties.

  • Rhodiola rosea has adaptogenic properties.
  • Rhodiola rosea can help to reduce fatigue caused by stress or associated with excessive cognitive work. 
  • Rhodiola rosea helps to support mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Perfect support for the body exposed to stress, exhausting physical effort and chronic fatigue caused by mental work!

If your life is accompanied by a lot of stress, you are tired with excessive mental work, it is a sign that it is worth supporting your body. The OSAVI food supplement containing roseroot root extractwill help you maintain mental and physical well-being.

Rhodiola rosea, or rhodiola rosea, sometimes called the "golden root", has been used traditionally for hundreds of years to support the health of the nervous system, to reduce the feeling of fatigue and to eliminate the worse moods caused by stress, as well as to increase physical efficiency and productivity at work. The plant comes from the mountainous, arctic areas of Europe and Asia. Its beneficial effect results from the content of active ingredients - rosavins and salidrosides [1]. Rhodiola rosea has adaptogenic properties, helping the body fight stress. Increasing resistance to stress factors is conducive to proper regeneration and restbody [2]. Rhodiola rosea can soothe anxiety, calm and improve mood. By reducing the feeling of fatigue that occurs  as a result of intense mental work, it can lead to improved concentration, focus and mental performance. The plant not only supports mental but also physical well-being. The use of rhodiola rosea can increase endurance , improve psychomotor skills and shorten muscle recovery time, especially between high-intensity exercises. The compounds contained in the root also show antioxidant activity and antibacterial potential against Staphylococcus.

We offer you a food supplement containing roseroot extract (Rhodiolarosea) obtained from 400 mg of the root. The product is standardised for min. 3% solution and min. 1% salidrosides, DER 11:1. One capsule a day corresponds to 400 mg of powdered rhodiola root. The supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

What is special about capsules
Rhodiola Rosea 400 mg?

  • Contains standardised extract of Rhodiola rosearoot containing min. 3% rosavins and min. 1% salidrosides.
  • 1 capsule corresponds to 400 mg of dry Rhodiola rosea root.
  • Clean label - no unnecessary additives.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Packaging made of BioPET (30% of the plastic comes from sugar cane).
  • Vegan


Inulin, shell (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), Rhodiola rosea root extract.


Swallow one capsule with a glass of water. We suggest taking one capsule after a meal.

One bottle will give up to 60 doses over 60 days, costing from around £0.11 GBP a day.

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