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Neuner's Red Clover Tea 40g

Neuner's Red Clover Tea 40g

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Contains 40 g

Approx. 20

at £0.30 GBP per serving

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  • Organically grown herbs, 100% natural
  • Sugar Free
  • Caffeine free
  • GMO Free 
  • No Added Flavouring

Neuner’s award-winning Red Clover Tea is made from the finest organic red clover blossoms. It will promote overall wellbeing and is naturally caffeine-free. A native of Britain, Red Clover is an herb of ancient provenance. It has a long history of traditional use and is appreciated and loved for hundreds of generations. Because of its versatility, you can enjoy Neuner’s Organic Red Clover tea day or night, hot or cold and if you have a sweet tooth simply add a teaspoon of honey. We hope you’ll love it’s wonderful crisp and refreshing taste as much as we do.

  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic Ingredients


100% organically grown Red Clover


1 tea bag for 1 cup (250ml). Pour over boiling water and leave to stand for 7-10 minutes stirring occasionally.

Will give up to 20 servings, costing from around £0.30 GBP a time.

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