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Indigo Herbs Wild Yam Powder 100g

Indigo Herbs Wild Yam Powder 100g

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Wild yam root has a long history of use particularly in Native American herbal systems. It’s most commonly used as an alternative to oestrogen replacement therapy for alleviating menopause symptoms, such as night sweats and flushes.  It is also considered to have anti-inflammatory properties which makes it useful for muscular and skeletal aches, pain, swelling. 

  • Hormonal production & imbalances
  • Pre menstrual issues
  • Muscular skeletal aches and pain

Product details:

  • Wild Yam Tincture is the active constituents of the Dioscorea villosa plant extracted into ethanol (medical alcohol)
  • This traditional method maintains and preserves the naturally-occurring constituents found in the plant. It extends the shelf life for up to 4 years
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch to ensure maximum freshness
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added
  • Vegan


100% Pure Dioscorea villosa powder


This herbal powder can be re-hydrated in water or fruit juice, it can be encapsulated or added to a herbal powder blend. Please consult the Herbal Materia Medica or Medical Herbalist for this botanical ingredients uses.
Suggested dose: 1-2g daily (can be split up over day ) Do Not Exceed recommended serving.
1 teaspoon equals 2 grams (1 tsp = 2g)

One bottle will give up to 100 doses over 100 days, costing from around £0.14 GBP a day.

Additional Information

Women with hormone-dependent conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and cancers of the breast, ovaries, or uterus should not take or use wild yam due to its possible estrogenic effects. Men with prostate cancer should also avoid taking wild yam.
Pregnant women should not take wild yam because it may stimulate the uterus to contract, possibly causing a miscarriage.
Because very little information is available on how wild yam might affect an infant or a small child, its use is not recommended while breast-feeding or during early childhood.

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