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Huber Silica Cold Sore Gel

Huber Silica Cold Sore Gel

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  • Natural-acting formulation used to treat cold sores
  • Relieves burning and itching sensations
  • Contains the active ingredient silica gel

Silicea Cold sore lip gel is a natural-acting formulation used to treat cold sores. The active ingredient is silica gel (silicic acid gel), a compound formed from silica and water. The gel binds cold sore secretions to the gel, drying out blisters helping the symptoms of cold sores and inhibiting the spread of the virus. 

What makes Silica Gel so special is that it has an unusually high bonding capacity for water and wound secretions. This means the secretions from the cold sores are bound and the blisters are systematically dried out. In this way the spread of the virus is inhibited. The tingling, burning and itching sensations are relieved and the healing process is accelerated.

The gel relieves burning and itching sensations caused by cold sores, and supports the body’s natural process.

  • Vegan


5g of Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel contains 4.7g of silicic acid gel (silica gel) as an active ingredient.


Dab Silicea Lip Gel up to 5 times a day onto the affected areas of skin with a cotton bud or a clean fingertip. Please note: To avoid further infection, hands should be washed thoroughly before and after applying the gel. Please replace cap on the tube after each application.

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