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Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha Decaffeinated Coffee 100g

Cheerful Buddha Decaffeinated Coffee 100g

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Contains 100 g

Approx. 8 Cafetiere (approx)

at £1.25 GBP per serving

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CBD Coffee 100g Decaffeinated - Swiss Water Process (Ground)

Created to help you experience the multiple health benefits of high-quality coffee with zero compromises on your daily calm & balance, our decaffeinated coffee dares to differ! How?

✔ Our single-origin coffee beans are grown sustainably in Guatemala, using traditional methods that require no pesticides or herbicides

✔ We decaffeinate our coffee using the Swiss Water Process, which uses zero chemicals

✔ To further support well-being and alertness without the jitters, we precision-infuse our coffee with high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil at the point of roast 

✔ With Cheerful Buddha coffee, you will taste a fresh, smooth blend, but not the CBD as we chose to carry it in MCT coconut oil

✔ 100% natural and suitable for vegans

✔ Free from lactose and glucose, and Non-GMO

  • Vegan
  • Caffeine Free


Rainforest Alliance Certified Roasted Ground Coffee, 900mg MCT Coconut oil, 100mg Hemp-derived CBD


Add 22g of coffee for every 500ml of water
This will deliver 22mg of CBD (approx. 11mg of CBD for every cup of coffee)

Add 12g of coffee for every 250ml of water
This will deliver 12mg of CBD for an average cup of coffee

Use 7g of coffee for a single espresso
This will deliver 7mg of CBD for a single espresso

Will give up to 8 Cafetiere (approx) servings, costing from around £1.25 GBP a time.

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