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Amphora Aromatics

Amphora Aromtics 40hr candle Rosemary & Watermint

Amphora Aromtics 40hr candle Rosemary & Watermint

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  • Sweet, Floral and Enticing
  • In an Attractive Ivory colour
  • Made from 100% Plant Wax

Rosemary & Watermint 40hr Pot Candle. This elegant aroma will infuse your room thanks to this gorgeous candle.

Sweet & slightly sharp with a long lasting and intriguing finish. Made from 100% plant wax. No petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products. 

Presented in a recycled glass jar.

Vegan friendly.

  • Vegan



Additional Information

Always take great care when using any of these products. Use heatproof mats and always site your candle well away from flammable materials. Please remove the label before burning. Never leave the candle unattended.

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