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Amphora Aromatics

Amphora Aromatics Aroma Stream & Pad (Electric Fragrancer)

Amphora Aromatics Aroma Stream & Pad (Electric Fragrancer)

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  • The clean, effective way of dispersing aromas without using a flame or a hot plate

  • The purest way to vaporise essential oils

  • Fan-assisted

    Essential or Fragrance Oil is placed onto an absorbent pad and this is inserted into the bottom of the Aroma-Stream. Fan assisted airflow vapourises the oil, dispersing fragrance into the air.

    The Aroma-Stream is a clean, safe and effective method of dispensing aromas without using a hot ring or naked flame. Instead, a stream of air vapourises the essential oils keeping the fragrance pure until the oil is spent. This avoids heating the oil which may burn it, altering the fragrance and changing its properties. Because the Aroma-Stream doesnt use heat, it is safe to leave unattended, or whilst you sleep. This can be particularly useful with conventional cough and cold vapour remedies and for use in a childs bedroom. Also suitable for use at work or in the office. The Aroma Stream will fragrance a large room, good for nursing homes and hospitals.
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